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Clicking on the pyramids above will take you to our international insurance pages. is a full service insurance brokerage, offering you the best plans to meet your needs, be it international insurance because you are going on a trip, moving abroad, living as an expat or coming to this country to vist. We have group insurance plans for companies taking clients on adventures across the globe as well as student plans for students coming to the country or going abroad for a week or a year. Businesses that place employees overseas or individuals traveling abroad for business or pleasure. It costs no more to get health insurance from a broker than it does from a company, rates are fixed by law. A broker knows all the different companies and can find you the policy that best fits your needs. We work with all the major international insurers: Seven Corners, IMG, Azimuth Risk Solns., Claria, HCC, HTH and more.

Clicking on the golden gate bridge above will get you a quote for insurance if you are a resident of the USA and need health insurance, Life insurance, dental coverage or disability insurance. we can help. Our brokerage works with every major company in America to find you a plan that fits your needs and your budget right now. We even have short term polices if you are between jobs or high limit accident policies if you have a risky career. At we solve problems, it's what we do! Let us help you find a policy with Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Health net, Kaiser, Cigna, HCC and more.


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